Together with our staff, we take pride in our work that includes not only new construction but historic restoration. Our reputation for completing projects with quality workmanship and within all stipulated time and cost constraints has been validated time and again on project after project.

Cost Company is experienced in performing all facets of restoration work for historic buildings, such as engineering, drafting and replication of existing shapes, mold making, detailing, and the installation of existing and new replacement materials on all projects, both simple and complex. Our Project Management Team and Field Personnel are experienced and trained with the painstaking demands of stone, masonry, concrete, and terra cotta restoration work and have successfully performed restoration work on many major projects in the metropolitan and surrounding Pittsburgh areas.

The Safety of our people is second-to-none. We believe that safety, quality and productivity are inseparable and work hand-in-hand. We must deliver on these values for every project to be a success. We believe that the quality assurance and quality control process is integral to our way of doing business. Our director of quality works with the project management to delegate on-site quality control responsibilities, and efficiently implement the project-specific quality control plan. Safety is a core value and is an integral part of our company’s culture.