Over the years, the Cost Company has earned numerous distinctions in the areas of masonry, stone and historic restoration.  Our company and our people have been consistently recognized, both regionally and nationally, for our high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. In fact, Corky Cost himself has been applauded for his individual dedication to Western Pennsylvania through the Award of Distinction from the University of Pittsburgh and the Historic Preservation Award from the City of Pittsburgh.

Additionally, we are proud members of the Master Builders Association (MBA) of Pittsburgh and we participate each year in this Association’s Building Excellence Awards. The MBA Building Excellence Awards are the highest and most recognized construction industry awards in our market area. Since 1994, the Building Excellence Awards program has demonstrated the positive impact of the construction and renovation industry in Western Pennsylvania and we are proud to have been recognized for our work in a wide variety of industries and high profile projects over the years.

We are active participants and frequent awards winners in recognition programs conducted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Pittsburgh and the Masonry Contractors of Western Pennsylvania. Cost Company also has been featured frequently in ENR News as well as many local / independent news articles on prominent masonry, stone and restoration projects. For a complete list of our honors and our most recent awards, please contact our corporate office.