In order to meet our goals of efficiency and productivity, while eliminating loss and reducing cost on any job, we are proud to say that the fleet of construction vehicles at the Cost Company is just about the best in the business. Our fleet experts research, buy and maintain only the best in construction industry vehicles, including rough terrain cranes and high capacity fork lifts.

We know where all of our assets are at any time and how they are operating in the field. We have taken great care to log the most critical factors of their use and operation in accordance with OSHA requirements and our own high standards of safety performance. Our maintenance crew is top notch, and they are skilled at keeping field productivity high by ensuring the quick turnaround of each vehicle that comes into the shop for routine or scheduled maintenance. We only hire trained professionals who are highly skilled in equipment operations, maintaining quality service and vehicle integrity in both easy and rough terrain.

The bottom line? Our fleet of vehicles is a true performance differentiator at the Cost Company, and a key contributor in our ongoing emphasis relative to on-time and on-budget performance for all of our projects. Our clients can rest assured that when they choose Cost, they are not only investing in a company with tenured construction industry experience and a rich history —- but also an organization that invests in and maintains a diverse fleet of cranes, fork lifts, trucks and other vehicles which gives us an added advantage in getting the job done! Here is a short list of some of the impressive vehicles we maintain in our fleet:


  • 1990 Tadano- Rough Terrain TR-350 XL
  • 1993 Tadano- Rough Terrain TR-450 XL
  • 1986 Link Belt- Rough Terrain HSP-8040
  • Pettibone- Pettibone
  • 1998 Tadano- Rough Terrain TR-350 XL
  • 2000 Tadano- Rough Terrain TR-300-3
  • Galion- Rough Terrain 150A
  • 2001 Tadano- All Terrain ATF 650 XL
  • 1988 Krupp- All Terrain 70 GMT-AT
  • 2008 Link Belt- All Terrain HTC8690 II


  • 1997 Lull- Model #: 844C-42
  • 1988 Gradall- Model #: 544
  • 2002 Lull- Model #: 844C-42
  • 1999 Lull- Model #: 844C-42
  • 1995 Skytrack- Model #: 8042
  • 1995 Skytrack- Model #: 10054
  • 2002 Skytrack- Model #: 8042
  • 2001 Lull- Model #: 844C-42
  • 2001 Lull- Model #: 844C-42
  • 2001 Lull- Model #: 844C-42
  • 2002 Skytrack- Model #: 8042-C
  • 2004 Lull- Model #: 944E 42
  • 2004 Skytrack- Model #: 10054
  • 2005 Skytrack- Model #: 8042
  • 2006 Skytrack- Model #: 10054